Don’t Should on Me

I often believed my family was my biggest joy and that is what family is meant to be. I love my children and grandchildren dearly. I love my parents and sister dearly. In saying that no one else has ever been able to break my heart faster then my family. I’ve been married twice. Still strong in my second marriage. My ex-husband and I had our differences but it didn’t make me feel like my heart was torn apart. I’ve had friends walk away and a boyfriend or two when I was young that dumped me but yet I knew as long as I had my family I was okay.

The problem is when your family starts tearing at each other as a grandmother, mother, sister, a daughter you want to fix it save the relationships bring the love and joy back in but you can’t because they are where they are at that moment. You step back and you wonder. What can I do? How can I bring the joy back? This shouldn’t be happening we’re family.

Then while sitting here trying to contemplate I had a “AHA” moment. I do love my family dearly and I accept them where they are. I’m not here to fix them they are complete and whole. Life is a chose and they choose the life that they want. If things we’re meant to be the way I was thinking they should be they would be. So I quit the should thinking and started praying for the higher good of my family and the whole world. It’s not up to me or any one human being to decide how life should be. Life is as it is. If we want better we start with ourselves not our children not our community but the one inside.

So today I love myself completely without judgment. I love my children and the rest of the world where they are without judgment. No matter how twisted someone seems to be they still deserve love and that is a truth.

God Bless the Whole!

Proverbs 3:27 “Do not refuse to do that which is good, when it is in the power of your hand to do it”

Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all your substance get understanding.”


One thought on “Don’t Should on Me

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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