When it Snows

Sitting in my chair with a cup of hot coffee and watching the snow fall outside my window, I think about how grateful I am to be in my warm home. My mind wonders to the tress and I notice the branches are getting heavy with snow and I tell myself I need to get out there and shake the snow off before the branches break. Then I look to my neighbors house an elderly person’s house and remind myself to check on her after I shake the snow form the trees. Then I look out at the roads and I see where cars have slid and I wonder how the roads are in the city. I think about my adult children. All three are working today and I wonder how they fared in the snow. I tell myself I will text them when I get in the house and another thought occurs to me. My teenage grandson also had to work today and I got a little flutter of fear run down my spine thinking of him driving in the snow.

I remind myself to be grateful for the beauty, and the fact the snow is needed. I love the snow and feel blessed to have enjoyed it my whole life. Then my mind wonders over to my beautiful dogs. All of them sleeping on the couch, warm and cuddly. What? My mind goes back to worrying about all the dogs, cats and other animals that are out in the cold and not being properly tended to.

I remind myself to be grateful. I know most of my neighbors are very good animal owners and make a note to self to donate to my local animal shelter. What? Then my mind starts wondering about life. Why do some people live such warm and lavish lives and others suffer and others believe they’re suffering. What’s the purpose of another snowy day if someone, some animal or something is going to suffer.

I remind myself to be grateful. I hold my now cold cup of coffee and pray.

Somewhere deep within me I realize it’s either all purposeful or none of it’s purposeful. Today when it snows, I choose to believe it’s all has a greater propose. And I let go and know it ‘s great to see it snow.



What the Blog!

I haven’t blogged in a while because I couldn’t get into WordPress. I thought it was an error on WordPress but it’s my computer. The only reason I know it was my computer is because I am now typing on an old lap top that was given to me by my mother in-law. This lap top takes about eight minutes to start up and I type faster than the words show up on the screen.

I have about eight blogs started but haven’t finished them and can’t quite recall where I was going with the stories. What a quandary.  Oh well, All is well and now that I have your attention.

I am a new Spiritual Practitioner. I graduated in July. I am now seeking to use the education I have received over the last five years. As you know it’s not only the education but the experience that helps one grow in the arena that they are called to.

I feel very strongly about my calling as a Spiritual Practitioner. I’d like your help to get experience in giving Practitioner sessions. As a new Practitioner I am asking only love offerings for a session. We can speak on the phone or meet in person.

Please call 303-421-8087 for a session. Thank You




Did I Tell You About My Fish?

If I told you I loved a fish, would you judge me? Would you say something like, “I love fish, I love to eat them.” Or would you say, “tell me about your fish and what makes you love it.?”

To be honest I believe anyone who takes the time to read my blog would not judge me and would ask me to tell them about my fish. I believe I’m not the only one that’s loved a fish. So, I’m going to tell you about my fish.

I like to start off by saying I never have liked any animal in a cage. I’ve always thought it a bit cruel. I also never wanted an aquarium. The reason being the same to me. It feels cruel to take something out of it’s environment and put it in a cage or an aquarium so someone can watch it swim around or run around in a hamster ball. But once an animal has lived in an aquarium and/or has been mated to live that way I feel we have to do our best to make their life comfortable. That is what I did.

One day there was an aquarium with fish that had no where to go. A rather large aquarium I might add. I didn’t want it. I was told the fish in it would not live long just follow these directions and they’ll be fine. I figured, okay, fish only live a couple of years, I’ll do my best for the next couple years to take good care of the fish. The person who gave me the tank pointed out one fish in particular and said he was an old fish and has already lived past his life expectancy. Within in a couple years all the fish had died except the one fish who’d already lived past his life expectancy. I felt bad for him swimming around in the big tank by himself so I went and bought him some fish to keep him company. I didn’t really want to by more fish but I hated to see the Big Guy as his name came to be, be all alone. That did not work out very well. People who own aquariums probably already know what happened. Big Guy became a killer he killed every fish I put in the tank. It’s funny how we can even love killers. I told Big Guy he’d have to live the rest of his life in his tank by himself because I was never buying another fish.

Big Guy swims back and forth in his tank and every morning I feed him and he comes to the top of the tank and grabs his food. He hears me coming downstairs and he comes straight to the front of his tank. He has lived by himself for five years and I believe he’s been a happy fish . For the last five years we’ve greeted each other every morning and I have admired his beauty and he has waited for me to feed him. Then one morning Big Guy didn’t come to greet me. In that moment I realized how much I loved that fish.

Every morning I told Big Guy how pretty he was and every morning he swam to the top of the aquarium to be fed. I can honestly say no matter what was going on in the world them moments feeding Big Guy were happy moments. Isn’t funny how it’s the little things in a day that truly bring us great joy.

Big Guy was a gift to someone for Valentine’s Day in 2003 and he died September 16th of 2017. I cried and I pray there is a life greater than this one that Big Guy will be free to swim freely in the beautiful sea’s.

 Big Beautiful and Bronze. All God and All Love!

I know all things, beings, everything and my Big Guy is all of God.

I am Grateful to know that I have been given the opportunity to see and feel joy and love in many things. 



Who Are you?

I’ll tell you, who you are. You are the Light of the Divine. You are here by Divine Design. Your purpose is made specifically for you and only you. No one in the whole wide world can fill your shoes. You are unique and very precious. You are more than your body. You are more than your thoughts.

I am grateful to know that your individuality is here to express and to be a light in the world. I am grateful to know that you are willing to step up and step out and make a difference by being the true you. I am grateful that you no longer hide behind the fear  or the yesterdays. I am grateful you are present and living in the now.

I truly and emphatically expect the greatest for you and from you. Yes, you are a child of the Divine. Gifted and deeply Loved.

And So It Is!

“Hello Friend!”

I remember in elementary school, junior high school, and high school I didn’t really have any friends. Once in awhile I’d have someone to hang out with for a little while but friends just didn’t seem to stick. Then I got married and had kids and I’d meet a few friends but again nothing that really lasted. I just couldn’t seem to connect with someone and say, “hey this is my  friend.”

Then I got a divorce and I was really lonely. I needed a friend. I didn’t have siblings or really anyone I could talk to. Out of plain loneliness I started talking to a lady at work and then another lady at work. Then we’d talk after work and have lunch together. I realized I had friends. It felt so good to have friends. Someone to talk to and share your thoughts with. That was thirty years ago and those two lady’s are still my friends. We don’t talk as often and I have new friends but when we get on the phone we can talk and share about almost anything and do.

How do you make a friend? Be a friend. It’s so simply said and it’s really the truth. So many times people just want to talk and share their thoughts. When I’m out and about sometimes I just say a friendly, “hello.” and people just start talking to me. They tell me about their pets or the store they’re shopping at or just about anything. Sometimes they avoid eye contact and I know they’re not interested in a conversation. The people I do talk to when we are done I say, “it was nice talking with you my friend.” They always smile back and agree.

Now I call everybody I speak with my friend and often run into them again at the store, church or some place and we say, “hello.” My children and grandchildren are always asking me, “Do you have to talk to everybody? Or do you really know that person?” I laugh and say, “I like to talk to everybody and I know them in the moment they are my friend.”

 If  you want a friend be a friend

One God, One Loving Presence, Spirit is all there is and all there will ever be.

I am of Spirit, I am of the Divine Light, I am of the One.

Friendship is a gift. The world is a friend of mine. I love you as you are and I accept your goodness and kindness. I know in love and peace there can never be a lack of friends. I see the best of you and know that is the truth of you.

I am blessed and I give Thanks!

I let it go and I let it be!

And So It IS!

The Wedding

On July 23rd I officiated a wedding. It was a very special wedding, as most weddings are. For me, this one was extra special because I had the honor of officiating my youngest son’s wedding.

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. Everything was perfect. It seemed like the heavens opened up and the sun gave out the perfect amount of sunshine and the breeze felt like it was written  right out of a love story. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids were equally beautiful not just because of what they were wearing but each of them seemed to radiate happiness and a true desire to be part of such a special day.

The vows were written perfectly for the couple. It was a collaborative effort between the bride, the groom and myself. We got the idea for the talk from Neale Donald Walsch’s book Conversations with God book three. I thought maybe I’d be crazy nervous. I worried about missing my lines or not introducing the Bride and Groom properly but it went very smooth. I knew Spirit was my director and all I had to do was stand and speak the perfect words for the perfect couple.

The great thing about Colorado is that you do not have to be ordained to officiate a wedding. The bride and groom can sign for themselves. I thought this perfect, because it truly is the commitment of the couple that make’s a marriage work everyday.

Mother/Father God, Love, Light and Beauty

I know I am blessed and I know the marriage of my son and his beautiful bride is a marriage of Love. 

I give thanks for all marriages and the beauty and growth that comes with such great commitment.

Thank You God, for everything!

And So It IS


Everybody Loves Mom, Right?

I love my mom. I look like my mom, I sound like my mom and I even get fat in the same places as my mom. I am the best mom I can be and the best grandma I can be but that doesn’t mean I show up the way my children, grandchildren and even my mom would like me to show up and that is okay because they love me anyway.

But, what if you have a mom that doesn’t even show up? A mom that does drugs or gave you up for adoption or constantly criticizes you. Can you love her anyway? As moms we are all naturally teachers and someone may say, “she didn’t teach me anything she gave me up for adoption.” That very statement is an indication of something learned. Sometimes it’s very clear what our parents teach us and sometimes it’s harder to see. Everything we have learned, understood or had to unlearn came from something.

I had a friend, I didn’t know much about his personal life but he had shared with me, he and his sister were adopted. He genuinely loved his adopted mother and biological mother. I thought that was great and asked him what made him love these two women so much. He said his adopted mother always loved him like he was her own and did all she could to make his life happy and he loved his biological mom because she gave him the opportunity to have a wonderful life. I asked him about his sister and he said she seen it in a whole other way.

Being a mom has been wonderful and challenging and if someone had said to me how difficult it was going to be I might have taken another road. But, no one did and I appreciate the whole journey. Not always enjoying the journey though.

My son would meet a friend and he’d come home and tell me how great his friends parents were, then he had girlfriends and he’d come home and tell me how wonderful his girlfriends parents were. I’d feel inadequate and think what a terrible mom I am. My son is always going to these people’s homes and seeing how wonderful they were and then come home and thinking how I was not. I told my friend how my son likes his girlfriends parents or friends better than me. She asked me if he had said that, I told her no and explained the situation. She smiled and said, “isn’t it wonderful your son recognizes good people.” I said, “I wonder where he learned that?” My friend said, “give yourself a break he learned it from you. You are a good person. He recognizes it.”

Love mom as she is,  not how you expect her to be. She is the vessel that brought you and if your here, she did her part. My thought on the matter.

One Beautiful Power, Lovely and Present

Each of us are an expression of the Divine, Each of us a child of God and I recognize that every being is here by Divine design.

I am grateful for my mom and yours.