When it Snows

Sitting in my chair with a cup of hot coffee and watching the snow fall outside my window, I think about how grateful I am to be in my warm home. My mind wonders to the tress and I notice the branches are getting heavy with snow and I tell myself I need to get out there and shake the snow off before the branches break. Then I look to my neighbors house an elderly person’s house and remind myself to check on her after I shake the snow form the trees. Then I look out at the roads and I see where cars have slid and I wonder how the roads are in the city. I think about my adult children. All three are working today and I wonder how they fared in the snow. I tell myself I will text them when I get in the house and another thought occurs to me. My teenage grandson also had to work today and I got a little flutter of fear run down my spine thinking of him driving in the snow.

I remind myself to be grateful for the beauty, and the fact the snow is needed. I love the snow and feel blessed to have enjoyed it my whole life. Then my mind wonders over to my beautiful dogs. All of them sleeping on the couch, warm and cuddly. What? My mind goes back to worrying about all the dogs, cats and other animals that are out in the cold and not being properly tended to.

I remind myself to be grateful. I know most of my neighbors are very good animal owners and make a note to self to donate to my local animal shelter. What? Then my mind starts wondering about life. Why do some people live such warm and lavish lives and others suffer and others believe they’re suffering. What’s the purpose of another snowy day if someone, some animal or something is going to suffer.

I remind myself to be grateful. I hold my now cold cup of coffee and pray.

Somewhere deep within me I realize it’s either all purposeful or none of it’s purposeful. Today when it snows, I choose to believe it’s all has a greater propose. And I let go and know it ‘s great to see it snow.



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