What the Blog!

I haven’t blogged in a while because I couldn’t get into WordPress. I thought it was an error on WordPress but it’s my computer. The only reason I know it was my computer is because I am now typing on an old lap top that was given to me by my mother in-law. This lap top takes about eight minutes to start up and I type faster than the words show up on the screen.

I have about eight blogs started but haven’t finished them and can’t quite recall where I was going with the stories. What a quandary.  Oh well, All is well and now that I have your attention.

I am a new Spiritual Practitioner. I graduated in July. I am now seeking to use the education I have received over the last five years. As you know it’s not only the education but the experience that helps one grow in the arena that they are called to.

I feel very strongly about my calling as a Spiritual Practitioner. I’d like your help to get experience in giving Practitioner sessions. As a new Practitioner I am asking only love offerings for a session. We can speak on the phone or meet in person.

Please call 303-421-8087 for a session. Thank You





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