Did I Tell You About My Fish?

If I told you I loved a fish, would you judge me? Would you say something like, “I love fish, I love to eat them.” Or would you say, “tell me about your fish and what makes you love it.?”

To be honest I believe anyone who takes the time to read my blog would not judge me and would ask me to tell them about my fish. I believe I’m not the only one that’s loved a fish. So, I’m going to tell you about my fish.

I like to start off by saying I never have liked any animal in a cage. I’ve always thought it a bit cruel. I also never wanted an aquarium. The reason being the same to me. It feels cruel to take something out of it’s environment and put it in a cage or an aquarium so someone can watch it swim around or run around in a hamster ball. But once an animal has lived in an aquarium and/or has been mated to live that way I feel we have to do our best to make their life comfortable. That is what I did.

One day there was an aquarium with fish that had no where to go. A rather large aquarium I might add. I didn’t want it. I was told the fish in it would not live long just follow these directions and they’ll be fine. I figured, okay, fish only live a couple of years, I’ll do my best for the next couple years to take good care of the fish. The person who gave me the tank pointed out one fish in particular and said he was an old fish and has already lived past his life expectancy. Within in a couple years all the fish had died except the one fish who’d already lived past his life expectancy. I felt bad for him swimming around in the big tank by himself so I went and bought him some fish to keep him company. I didn’t really want to by more fish but I hated to see the Big Guy as his name came to be, be all alone. That did not work out very well. People who own aquariums probably already know what happened. Big Guy became a killer he killed every fish I put in the tank. It’s funny how we can even love killers. I told Big Guy he’d have to live the rest of his life in his tank by himself because I was never buying another fish.

Big Guy swims back and forth in his tank and every morning I feed him and he comes to the top of the tank and grabs his food. He hears me coming downstairs and he comes straight to the front of his tank. He has lived by himself for five years and I believe he’s been a happy fish . For the last five years we’ve greeted each other every morning and I have admired his beauty and he has waited for me to feed him. Then one morning Big Guy didn’t come to greet me. In that moment I realized how much I loved that fish.

Every morning I told Big Guy how pretty he was and every morning he swam to the top of the aquarium to be fed. I can honestly say no matter what was going on in the world them moments feeding Big Guy were happy moments. Isn’t funny how it’s the little things in a day that truly bring us great joy.

Big Guy was a gift to someone for Valentine’s Day in 2003 and he died September 16th of 2017. I cried and I pray there is a life greater than this one that Big Guy will be free to swim freely in the beautiful sea’s.

 Big Beautiful and Bronze. All God and All Love!

I know all things, beings, everything and my Big Guy is all of God.

I am Grateful to know that I have been given the opportunity to see and feel joy and love in many things. 




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