“Hello Friend!”

I remember in elementary school, junior high school, and high school I didn’t really have any friends. Once in awhile I’d have someone to hang out with for a little while but friends just didn’t seem to stick. Then I got married and had kids and I’d meet a few friends but again nothing that really lasted. I just couldn’t seem to connect with someone and say, “hey this is my  friend.”

Then I got a divorce and I was really lonely. I needed a friend. I didn’t have siblings or really anyone I could talk to. Out of plain loneliness I started talking to a lady at work and then another lady at work. Then we’d talk after work and have lunch together. I realized I had friends. It felt so good to have friends. Someone to talk to and share your thoughts with. That was thirty years ago and those two lady’s are still my friends. We don’t talk as often and I have new friends but when we get on the phone we can talk and share about almost anything and do.

How do you make a friend? Be a friend. It’s so simply said and it’s really the truth. So many times people just want to talk and share their thoughts. When I’m out and about sometimes I just say a friendly, “hello.” and people just start talking to me. They tell me about their pets or the store they’re shopping at or just about anything. Sometimes they avoid eye contact and I know they’re not interested in a conversation. The people I do talk to when we are done I say, “it was nice talking with you my friend.” They always smile back and agree.

Now I call everybody I speak with my friend and often run into them again at the store, church or some place and we say, “hello.” My children and grandchildren are always asking me, “Do you have to talk to everybody? Or do you really know that person?” I laugh and say, “I like to talk to everybody and I know them in the moment they are my friend.”

 If  you want a friend be a friend

One God, One Loving Presence, Spirit is all there is and all there will ever be.

I am of Spirit, I am of the Divine Light, I am of the One.

Friendship is a gift. The world is a friend of mine. I love you as you are and I accept your goodness and kindness. I know in love and peace there can never be a lack of friends. I see the best of you and know that is the truth of you.

I am blessed and I give Thanks!

I let it go and I let it be!

And So It IS!


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