The Wedding

On July 23rd I officiated a wedding. It was a very special wedding, as most weddings are. For me, this one was extra special because I had the honor of officiating my youngest son’s wedding.

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. Everything was perfect. It seemed like the heavens opened up and the sun gave out the perfect amount of sunshine and the breeze felt like it was written  right out of a love story. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids were equally beautiful not just because of what they were wearing but each of them seemed to radiate happiness and a true desire to be part of such a special day.

The vows were written perfectly for the couple. It was a collaborative effort between the bride, the groom and myself. We got the idea for the talk from Neale Donald Walsch’s book Conversations with God book three. I thought maybe I’d be crazy nervous. I worried about missing my lines or not introducing the Bride and Groom properly but it went very smooth. I knew Spirit was my director and all I had to do was stand and speak the perfect words for the perfect couple.

The great thing about Colorado is that you do not have to be ordained to officiate a wedding. The bride and groom can sign for themselves. I thought this perfect, because it truly is the commitment of the couple that make’s a marriage work everyday.

Mother/Father God, Love, Light and Beauty

I know I am blessed and I know the marriage of my son and his beautiful bride is a marriage of Love. 

I give thanks for all marriages and the beauty and growth that comes with such great commitment.

Thank You God, for everything!

And So It IS



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