“Hello Friend!”

I remember in elementary school, junior high school, and high school I didn’t really have any friends. Once in awhile I’d have someone to hang out with for a little while but friends just didn’t seem to stick. Then I got married and had kids and I’d meet a few friends but again nothing that really lasted. I just couldn’t seem to connect with someone and say, “hey this is my  friend.”

Then I got a divorce and I was really lonely. I needed a friend. I didn’t have siblings or really anyone I could talk to. Out of plain loneliness I started talking to a lady at work and then another lady at work. Then we’d talk after work and have lunch together. I realized I had friends. It felt so good to have friends. Someone to talk to and share your thoughts with. That was thirty years ago and those two lady’s are still my friends. We don’t talk as often and I have new friends but when we get on the phone we can talk and share about almost anything and do.

How do you make a friend? Be a friend. It’s so simply said and it’s really the truth. So many times people just want to talk and share their thoughts. When I’m out and about sometimes I just say a friendly, “hello.” and people just start talking to me. They tell me about their pets or the store they’re shopping at or just about anything. Sometimes they avoid eye contact and I know they’re not interested in a conversation. The people I do talk to when we are done I say, “it was nice talking with you my friend.” They always smile back and agree.

Now I call everybody I speak with my friend and often run into them again at the store, church or some place and we say, “hello.” My children and grandchildren are always asking me, “Do you have to talk to everybody? Or do you really know that person?” I laugh and say, “I like to talk to everybody and I know them in the moment they are my friend.”

 If  you want a friend be a friend

One God, One Loving Presence, Spirit is all there is and all there will ever be.

I am of Spirit, I am of the Divine Light, I am of the One.

Friendship is a gift. The world is a friend of mine. I love you as you are and I accept your goodness and kindness. I know in love and peace there can never be a lack of friends. I see the best of you and know that is the truth of you.

I am blessed and I give Thanks!

I let it go and I let it be!

And So It IS!


The Wedding

On July 23rd I officiated a wedding. It was a very special wedding, as most weddings are. For me, this one was extra special because I had the honor of officiating my youngest son’s wedding.

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. Everything was perfect. It seemed like the heavens opened up and the sun gave out the perfect amount of sunshine and the breeze felt like it was written  right out of a love story. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids were equally beautiful not just because of what they were wearing but each of them seemed to radiate happiness and a true desire to be part of such a special day.

The vows were written perfectly for the couple. It was a collaborative effort between the bride, the groom and myself. We got the idea for the talk from Neale Donald Walsch’s book Conversations with God book three. I thought maybe I’d be crazy nervous. I worried about missing my lines or not introducing the Bride and Groom properly but it went very smooth. I knew Spirit was my director and all I had to do was stand and speak the perfect words for the perfect couple.

The great thing about Colorado is that you do not have to be ordained to officiate a wedding. The bride and groom can sign for themselves. I thought this perfect, because it truly is the commitment of the couple that make’s a marriage work everyday.

Mother/Father God, Love, Light and Beauty

I know I am blessed and I know the marriage of my son and his beautiful bride is a marriage of Love. 

I give thanks for all marriages and the beauty and growth that comes with such great commitment.

Thank You God, for everything!

And So It IS


Everybody Loves Mom, Right?

I love my mom. I look like my mom, I sound like my mom and I even get fat in the same places as my mom. I am the best mom I can be and the best grandma I can be but that doesn’t mean I show up the way my children, grandchildren and even my mom would like me to show up and that is okay because they love me anyway.

But, what if you have a mom that doesn’t even show up? A mom that does drugs or gave you up for adoption or constantly criticizes you. Can you love her anyway? As moms we are all naturally teachers and someone may say, “she didn’t teach me anything she gave me up for adoption.” That very statement is an indication of something learned. Sometimes it’s very clear what our parents teach us and sometimes it’s harder to see. Everything we have learned, understood or had to unlearn came from something.

I had a friend, I didn’t know much about his personal life but he had shared with me, he and his sister were adopted. He genuinely loved his adopted mother and biological mother. I thought that was great and asked him what made him love these two women so much. He said his adopted mother always loved him like he was her own and did all she could to make his life happy and he loved his biological mom because she gave him the opportunity to have a wonderful life. I asked him about his sister and he said she seen it in a whole other way.

Being a mom has been wonderful and challenging and if someone had said to me how difficult it was going to be I might have taken another road. But, no one did and I appreciate the whole journey. Not always enjoying the journey though.

My son would meet a friend and he’d come home and tell me how great his friends parents were, then he had girlfriends and he’d come home and tell me how wonderful his girlfriends parents were. I’d feel inadequate and think what a terrible mom I am. My son is always going to these people’s homes and seeing how wonderful they were and then come home and thinking how I was not. I told my friend how my son likes his girlfriends parents or friends better than me. She asked me if he had said that, I told her no and explained the situation. She smiled and said, “isn’t it wonderful your son recognizes good people.” I said, “I wonder where he learned that?” My friend said, “give yourself a break he learned it from you. You are a good person. He recognizes it.”

Love mom as she is,  not how you expect her to be. She is the vessel that brought you and if your here, she did her part. My thought on the matter.

One Beautiful Power, Lovely and Present

Each of us are an expression of the Divine, Each of us a child of God and I recognize that every being is here by Divine design.

I am grateful for my mom and yours. 



What Does the Tao Say

There are eighty-one passages in the Tao Te Ching.  The one I read this morning felt like it hit home. I’ll share it here and then share my thoughts.

Passage 53

The great Way is easy, yet people prefer the side paths. Be aware when things are out are out of balance. Stay centered within the Tao.

When rich speculators prosper while farmers lose their land; when government officials spend money on weapons instead of cures; when upper class is extravagant and irresponsible while poor have nowhere to turn- all this is robbery and chaos. It is not in keeping with the Tao.

Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu, translated by Stephen Mitchell 

When I read this passage this morning it reminded me of our political system. The thought that came to me was how much we spend on the military and when questioned people often say things like, “Be grateful your free.” or “That is how we stay a free country.” My thought is if we do not keep our people healthy and our children educated the military or it’s weapons will be of no use to us.

My thought is that it starts within each of us. I cannot do all that everyone in the world needs but I can pray for those in need. Help where I am most valuable and live my life in integrity. I might make mistakes but that is when I need to re-center and know life is always unfolding for my highest and best.

I know there is only One Consciousness, One Infinite Love and One Divine Wisdom and I call it Spirit. It lives and exist in and through all beings, all things and I know there is no place where Spirit is not.

I know I am enough, I know there is enough, there is enough Love, Light and Goodness in the world. I know I am centered and able to companion with Love. I know in Spirit all is possible. I know Love and I know as I reach out in Love all is given to me in Love. And as I know this truth for me I know it for the world. I know that education and health care is possible and I am open to a greater experience for all life.

 I give Thanks for the abundance of this world. I am grateful to live and have my being in the Divine Mind of Spirit.

And SO It IS!



My Birthday

This has been a wonderful summer for me. After five years of study I passed a written test and in July I did an oral panel and passed. My studies were to become a Religious Science Practitioner. I do Spiritual guidance using the Laws of Cause and Effects and others, Spiritual Principles,  How life got to be the way it is, Listening, being present to Spirit and my own intuitive nature and affirmative prayer. After passing my panels I was given the honor to officiate my youngest son’s wedding. The wedding it self was magical, beautiful and heart felt. My son’s new in-laws went to great lengths to make sure the wedding was everything a young couple could imagine a wedding can be. Then my next great experience was that I had an opportunity to be videoed for my church. In the video I speak about Oneness and loving what doesn’t fit in your box. If you’ve read my blog you know that I’m speaking about Transgender but it really goes beyond that. It’s recognizing that all people are here by Divine Design and that Love is Love and we are here to Love and respect all beings. And today is my birthday.

When I turned fifty I felt fabulous I was on top of  the world. I had released my job of twenty years, I was spending time with my grandchildren and I was in the beginning stages of my journey to become a Religious Science Practitioner. Life felt so good and I knew it was smooth sailing ahead. I couldn’t have been more wrong. A few months after my fiftieth birthday my beautiful nine year old granddaughter Bella died. My beautiful Bella, she was like me, an August baby, born a leader, strong, stubborn, and so curious. Like me she had a natural happy nature. Yeah, life was tough at times but she’d smile, laugh, tell silly jokes and she loved to sing and dance.  I believe life doesn’t end when the body dies. I believe that who you are as a Soul continues on and I very much believe Bella’s presence is with me. Yet, that doesn’t mean I don’t grieve. I do. I miss her, I wonder what she’d look like at thirteen. I have two other granddaughters and they have changed so much over the past years but Bella seems to stay nine in my mind but I know if she was here she would be different in many ways and at the same time she’d always be my sweet beautiful Bella.

I have other fears well I grieve. Sometimes I worry I might loose one of my other grandchildren or something might happen to my children. Some people believe grieving ends but if it does I’m not sure where. It doesn’t mean I’m not happy because I am but today on my fifty-fourth birthday I’m having some moments of loss and sadness. I have my last birthday presents from Bella and they make me smile and they make me cry.

Then there is that deep happiness and joy I get from my other grandchildren and children. Yesterday my youngest granddaughter who just turned thirteen made me a cake and bought me two huge bags of Reese’s Peanut butter Cups. And my oldest granddaughter who is fifteen made me cookies. Maybe the most beautiful cookies I’ve ever seen. They look like purple roses.

Yes, I grieve but I know that is part of my life and it’s also what makes me love what I have so much. I am blessed to have such a beautiful family but all families have there waves of ups and downs and wins and losses.

It’s my birthday and I am grateful for all that I have. The Joys and the tears.

One Life, One God, One Love

In Divine Love all is Possible

I am grateful



Loving What Doesn’t Fit in Our Box

I believe we are all One. I believe that each of us are of the Divine, Spirit, God, and Love call It what you want. I believe each of us are here as an expression of God and here to express ourselves as our true selves not as the world thinks we should. I believe I am here to respect all beings and to understand and know every life force is part of what I am.

A few years back my child came out as transgender Female to Male. My child was thirty-four years old. He had spent his whole life trying to fit in and figure out who he was. I love my child unconditionally like any other mom. Jay had many behaviors and many signs but I did not get it. To be honest I believe Jay didn’t either. I’m not sure what his thoughts were but I try to imagine to myself what it might feel like if people told me I was a man and I know I am a woman. Generally women wearing men’s clothes is not a big deal but if I am dressing up for an occasion I most certainly do not want to be dressed in a tux. In saying that I don’t believe clothes have gender. I believe society says, “hey this is what boys wear and this is what girls wear.” And of course being part of society I choose to wear what I perceive as feminine clothing.  Jay has two younger brothers and boys get to do many things girls are not allowed to do. One such things is go shirtless. While living in Germany this was not a problem. I let Jay go without a shirt all the time but here in the states a seven year old girl without a shirt can almost be construed as sexual abuse. At seven Jay struggled and I gave in and told her she didn’t have to wear her shirt to do the dishes but she couldn’t go outside that way. It was difficult for Jay to see her brothers out side climbing trees and playing on the swings without a shirt on a hot day. Jay thought it was extremely unfair and felt unloved I’m sure.

As time went on Jay became very self-conscious of his body. He had breast and he hated them. He didn’t feel comfortable in his own body. Some might say they’re not comfortable in their body but that doesn’t mean they’re trans but for Jay there was something deep down nagging in her and I believe she had an idea but she couldn’t name it or share it with anyone. She was unable to say, “Mom, I’m a boy.” You see I had already determined based on her genitalia, she was a girl and that is how most of society decide what someone’s gender is.

Jay went into the military as a woman and tried to fit in, got married had children and tried to fit in society’s safe box but he was never happy and things became very difficult for him. Jay has his own story to tell but I wanted to share these things to let people know I am aware of how it feels to love and accept someone that doesn’t fit in society’s idea of what life should look like.

What if we could look at someone have a conversation and accept and love them just as they express without expecting them to show-up as society says they should? What if we see a person with a full beard, lipstick, a skirt and high heels and just say, “Hello my friend it’s nice see you.”? What if we can love people that don’t exactly fit in the box society has set for us?

If I am One with all things and beings, to not love One that does not fit in my box is to not love myself.

One God, One Life, One Love
In Spirit all is possible.
I know God moves through and around all beings
I know love is love and each human is here to express openly and freely.
I am grateful!
And So It Is!

The Joy of Raising a Second Generation

As a young mom raising three children I did the best I knew how. I believed if I worked hard and made sure my children’s basic needs were made they would do fine. I also told myself I would never go on welfare or ask anyone to help me pay my bills. With three kids and no help that meant three jobs. Guess what? I was out there working three jobs and no one was at home taking care of my children. As with everything in life there is a consequence good or bad however you look at it. Leaving three kids on their own while I was at work, things got really tough. Many things happened that I can never change and when I think about them it makes me sad. One thing I can do is learn from the mistakes I’ve made.

As life would have it, I am raising a second generation. Guess what? I’ve learned to ask for help. I’ve learned asking for help is not a weakness but a strength. I want the best for my grandchildren and experience has shown me if I want the best I have to be my best. I’m not my best after working three jobs, I’m tired. Once I realized I was going to be  raising my grandchildren I decided to release my jobs and raise my grandchildren. People thought I was nuts but I knew better. No, I didn’t have to go on welfare. I prayed and I took the next step. Spirit always give us the next step.

My grandchildren have all that they need and they have a grandmother who enjoys them and listens to them. It’s not been perfect but it’s been good. I’ve taken parenting classes and even cooking classes and now once in a while I facilitate a Love and Logic class.

Spirit is my guide and in Spirit all things are possible!