Friends are Easy to Love

 I wrote this pre-election

Good Morning,

I love Wayne Dyer and I spent some time listening to him today and a few things came to mind so I thought I’d share them.

With this election going on I’ve seen a lot of mud slinging and a lot of negative things being said. I’ve been guilty of joining in. Jesus says to love your enemies. It’s easy to love our friends but how about those who don’t agree with us. Can we love and have compassion for them?

I am not voting for Donald Trump. Things he speaks of don’t feel right to me. Yet, I send him my love. He too, is a child of God. Another point is he’s in the arena I am not. I do not know how to get votes from the American public. I could just imagine how difficult that could be. We are a great country, we are diverse, and we are very expressive.

I loved President Obama although I didn’t agree with all his politics but he did do a lot for our country. I don’t know if Mrs. Clinton can do the same but I send her love too. I send all the candidates love. There are more than Clinton and Trump. I believe I have to spend time looking at the others but to be honest it’s not easy and at times I find myself shying away from the whole issue.

I do believe in the power of prayer and intuition and that is where my answer will come from. I will not vote from a place of fear but from a place of love. I believe in wide open spaces and one thing my intuition tells me is to keep the walls down and love my neighbor.

Hello, I forgot to post this when I wrote it. Well, D.T. is president and the best I can do is continue to pray and now I look at things a little differently. I must come from a place of love and I need to speak up for the things I believe in.

I believe in love, love all people, I believe in an education system that works for all, religious freedom, gun control, Climate change, animal protection, Planned Parenthood for Women, equal right and others.


Spirit. Divine Presence. Life ever Giving Source.

 I shall not let negative come between myself and Spiritual Truth. I leave the door open to the small voice within (intuition)  that guides me to my highest and greatest qualities.

I am grateful as I see things differently from a higher level of Consciousness.

And So It Is!




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