Keeping the Faith

Keeping the faith when things look like they’re going no where but down is probably the most difficult. I once heard someone say, “If God is for you, nothing can be against you.” I thought about it for a long time. What I came to believe is, that even when I’m not showing up in faith or I’m showing up in judgement and in lack, it’s not because God is not with me, it’s because I’m not remembering God is with me.

Speaking out on issues that I believe are important can sometimes seem like I’m being judgmental. So, I’ve been trying to turn it around. I’m going to speak from a place of heart and speak out for the things I believe. I may not always be right but I know God is still with me and I will be guided to the truth. I know I will be guided by keeping the faith.

To me keeping the faith means to pray, meditate and listen to our God given intuition. I know I must practice this daily and when things are looking difficult it might mean I need to pray without ceasing as Jesus has said. I’m here by Divine design and so is every living being, even the ones we don’t understand. To me that means loving and being peaceful to those that are showing up in harmful or cruel ways. But I don’t believe we need to allow those folks to hurt us, our families, or our communities. I believe we must speak out with love and continue to stand in integrity.

I’m starting my practice with what I am for. When I speak out it is going to be what I am for. I am for keeping the faith.

There is only One God, One Universal Divine Mind, I recognize God is in every moment every breath and ever present. I know I am of the Divine. I am a loving expression of Spirit. Every being is of Spirit. All life is of God. I know that each of us is here to express, to explore, and to dive deeper into our greatest self. I am grateful that I am here to love, live and have joy. Thankful for my God given life and I am so blessed to have a voice to speak out with love and integrity. I loving release this prayer into the Law of Mind. I let it go, I let it be,

And So It Is, Amen





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