Love them anyway!

I once read a Facebook post that said, “your hate doesn’t define the person you are hating it defines you” and I agree. With the elections going on and many of the tragic events in our country and others I have heard a lot of people saying and doing a lot of hateful things but I’ve also seen a lot of people come together and help one another despite their religion, race, or political views.

I see the people out there helping but what bothers me is people are helping well hating a whole religion for something a few people of that religion did. It’s also true with the police. Yes, there are some that are corrupt, but there are many police out there, that are there to serve and protect

Now we have people hating whole religions and a whole work force that is out there to serve and protect but it doesn’t stop there. We have people hating politicians because of their views and then people hate the politician’s family then the people who are running their campaign and the people who are voting for that politician.

It doesn’t stop there. Then someone hates their mother-in-law and there boyfriends kid. Then the boyfriend stops seeing his mother and quits visiting his kid. The kid grows lonely ends up on the street commits a crime and he’s put in jail.

If that’s not enough the girls boyfriend hates her dog, so she takes it the dog pound.

With all the hate people and animals become disposable. If an animal or a child or a parent doesn’t meet  your expectation you just toss them to the waste side.

I say love them anyway. Even if you can’t agree with Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton love them because they are sentient beings, God’s creation. God makes no mistakes. Love the dog, the kid, the person who disagrees with you, and yes, even the person who gives you the finger as he cuts you off on the highway.

Jesus said to love your enemies. I believe he said this because we are all God’s Creation and we are all here by Divine Design.

Yep, this was written pre-election but I still say love them anyway. That doesn’t mean let them take advantage of you or take away what is yours.



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