My Dog, Mr. Chavez

,My dog he has know idea he’s a dog. He’s joyful, loving, playful and just knows the space between my husband and I is made for him.
When I come home from where ever I’ve been he’s extremely happy to see me even if I was only gone for two minuets. He jumps up and wiggles his tail to say, “Hello, I love you, and I missed you.” When I give him a treat he acts like it’s the best treat in the world and when I put fresh water in his bowl he laps it up like fine wine. My dog is happy to just be, while I’m on my computer, he lays besides me and never complains. When we go for a walk he acts like it’s the greatest adventure in the world. Mr. Chavez is his name and loving life whatever comes all the same.

Yeah, can you imagine being as happy as Mr. Chavez with no expectations and no worries? He has it handled.

Life is better with a dog!


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