Does That Really Make You Nice?

I was once told that doing something for someone that isn’t yours to do but theirs, doesn’t make you nice. I believe this is a good lesson in life. For some it starts with being a mom. We pick up after our children, we clean their rooms, we do their homework and the list goes on. Others it starts with family members and the resentment starts to build up.

It really doesn’t matter where it started, it matters what the feeling is you have within. If you do something for someone and you are automatically happy and glad to do it, then it’s for you to do. But, on the other hand if you have that nagging feeling that says, “don’t do it,” but then you do it anyway and you feel resentful that’s a signal it wasn’t yours to do.

Doing something for someone because you believe you are being kind can actually be stunting their personal growth. I always liked the story of the butterfly. When one day a human tried to help the butterfly by breaking the cocoon so the butterfly could get out easier and then the butterfly died because it’s wings were not strong enough to fly. People too, at times have to experience hard times to grow and get stronger and learn from those difficult times in their lives. It’s often the people that are the most successful in life that had the toughest roads to cross.

I believe that life doesn’t have to be all ease and grace for us to be happy, it’s life’s experiences and how we respond to them is what makes us happy or not.

Be nice, do what is yours to do and let the one’s you love do what they need to do to grow strong and beautiful.

One God, One Life, All Loving and All Possible.

I know I am of this Divine Being, I am surrounded by Love and Possibilities.

I know in God all things are possible. I know the messiest parts of life is our greatest strengths manifesting into great possibilities for greater opportunities to know Spirit and understand the value of our life.

I am grateful for all that I have been given, I know there are no coincidence’s or accidents and I am here by Divine Design to experience the full ride.

I let it go and I let it be and I leave it to God!

And So It IS! Amen!


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