The Joy of Raising a Second Generation

As a young mom raising three children I did the best I knew how. I believed if I worked hard and made sure my children’s basic needs were made they would do fine. I also told myself I would never go on welfare or ask anyone to help me pay my bills. With three kids and no help that meant three jobs. Guess what? I was out there working three jobs and no one was at home taking care of my children. As with everything in life there is a consequence good or bad however you look at it. Leaving three kids on their own while I was at work, things got really tough. Many things happened that I can never change and when I think about them it makes me sad. One thing I can do is learn from the mistakes I’ve made.

As life would have it, I am raising a second generation. Guess what? I’ve learned to ask for help. I’ve learned asking for help is not a weakness but a strength. I want the best for my grandchildren and experience has shown me if I want the best I have to be my best. I’m not my best after working three jobs, I’m tired. Once I realized I was going to be  raising my grandchildren I decided to release my jobs and raise my grandchildren. People thought I was nuts but I knew better. No, I didn’t have to go on welfare. I prayed and I took the next step. Spirit always give us the next step.

My grandchildren have all that they need and they have a grandmother who enjoys them and listens to them. It’s not been perfect but it’s been good. I’ve taken parenting classes and even cooking classes and now once in a while I facilitate a Love and Logic class.

Spirit is my guide and in Spirit all things are possible!


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